The development of the site continues. We now have results and the players completed all the way back to 2001/02 season. The data also includes disciplinary stuff for Exeter players, though some games during the Conference years may not be 100% complete.

We’re nearing in on 1000 matches available to you online, these include FA cup results back to 1988/89 season. The database also include nearly 300 players that have been involved with Exeter City.

We’ve included programmes, and team sheets in the matches where we have them, match tickets will also be included in due course. Photographs are included where they are available free of copyright or where they belong to this author.

2016/17 fixtures will be included as soon as possible on Wednesday 22 June.

Periodically we’ll add posts outlining certain stats, such as that which already exists such as Tisdale’s complete managerial record –

Players lists can be found in the menu’s near the top of the page, and you can also check out how we’ve done (so far) in the cups.