This data should be taken with a pinch of salt, in that it doesn’t show how long a player was on the pitch for, (it has now been updated showing a player started) or the situation we were in at the time of the substitution (e.g. winning/drawing/losing) and therefore the substitute policy by the manager at that time.

Win Ratio 2015/16 – L2

PlayerAppearancesStartedOn as subWin RatioDraw RatioLoss Ratio
Danny Butterfield97244.440.0033.33
Ryan Harley2826242.8625.0025.00
Christian Ribeiro3531440.0022.8628.57
Jamie McAllister2825339.2925.0025.00
Bobby Olejnik GK4545037.7828.8933.33
Troy Brown4039137.5030.0030.00
David Noble3024636.6726.6723.33
Jayden Stockley2221136.3631.8227.27
Tom Nichols2319434.7817.3930.43
Jordan Moore-Taylor3232031.2537.5031.25
Matt Oakley2924531.0324.1427.59
David Wheeler3025530.0030.0026.67
Ollie Watkins2015530.0025.0020.00
Lee Holmes3730729.7321.6229.73
Craig Woodman2522328.0028.0032.00
Jordan Tillson2622426.9219.2338.46
Emmanuel ‘Manny’ Oyeleke84425.0012.5012.50
Alex Nicholls3627925.0022.2233.33
Tom McCready108220.0020.0040.00
Joel Grant2619719.2323.0834.62
Arron Davies27171018.5214.8129.63
Jamie Reid138515.3815.3838.46
Jake Taylor167912.5012.5018.75
Jason Pope0000.000.000.00
Kavanagh Keadell GK0000.000.000.00
Josh Read0000.000.000.00
Kyle Egan0000.000.000.00
Christy Pym GK0000.000.000.00
Connor Riley-Lowe0000.000.000.00
Clinton Morrison204160.0025.000.00
Matt Jay0000.000.000.00
James Hamon GK1100.000.00100.00
Will Hoskins9270.0011.1122.22
Alex Byrne0000.000.000.00